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Our annual Knoll Sale explores classics that have proven to stand the test of time, but it’s also showcasing a new, forward-thinking piece inspired by these timeless staples: Meet the Newson Aluminum Chair. 

Designed for Knoll by Marc Newson, this chair represents a 2018 take on Modernist tradition. Crafted with die cast aluminum and a knit seat of polyester yarn and thermoplastic elastomer, the Newson chair’s final form pays tribute to classic cantilevered designs. 

According to Benjamin Pardo, Knoll Design Director, “Newson’s Aluminum Chair really pays tribute to Mies’s Tugendhat Chair, employing a similar reverse cantilever. This reverse cantilever evokes a visual weightlessness and renders an incredibly simple profile, where the seat floats effortlessly and is joined to the back via the legs of the chair.” 

Explore this new addition to Knoll’s exceptional seating collection in the Jules Seltzer Showroom.