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In 1964, The New York Times called Florence Knoll “the single most powerful figure in the field of modern design.” Over fifty years later, Knoll’s name remains synonymous with the harmonious relationships she manifested between art, furniture and the architecture in which they live. Florence’s academic studies in art and architecture led her to partner with husband Hans Knoll in building an internationally respected house of style and design. Here’s a further look at Florence Knoll’s revered story: 

Florence Knoll, Icon from Jules Seltzer on Vimeo. Video via Knoll. 

When Florence Knoll retired from her post at Knoll, a few dozen of the world’s most elite modern designers continued to innovate under her vision, contributing new works to be sold and loved alongside Knoll classics like Florence’s unmistakable sofas. Florence Knoll would have been 100 last year. 

Between February 16th and 27th, we’re proud to offer a sale on Knoll pieces at Jules Seltzer, with an emphasis on the works of eleven talented designers, including Florence Knoll herself. From Harry Bertoia’s sleek chairs to Charles Pollock’s office-worthy pieces, the Knoll pieces we carry are truly the cream of the modern crop. Stay tuned as we shine a spotlight on these talented designers and their widely applauded contributions to Knoll’s global empire.