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Alexander Girard born May 24,

“Infinite are man’s expressions of beauty and
love. Open your eyes, your ears and your
heart to them and you will unite the peoples of the world.”

Alexander Girard

Have we ever told you how much we love
Alexander Girard?

In 1952, Alexander Girard was hired to head the fabric and textile division
at Herman Miller. Girard worked with George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames to
form a design team that continues to influence the fundamentals of design
throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

Of all the objects Girard created and designed, our hands down favorite is
the Wooden Dolls, which Girard created for his own home in Santa Fe and made
himself. Designed in 1953, the charmingly quirky wooden dolls came from the
imagination of Alexander Girard and his fascination with folk art objects. They
are both partly joyful and partly grim-looking objects. A charming enhancement to any interior.

You can see the entire wood doll family on display at Jules Seltzer Associates.

Happy Birthday Alexander Girard, and Thank You!

“Girard’s career can be summed up as a long,
single-handed campaign to inject the lively human qualities of joy and
spontaneity into what was probably one of the driest, sensually impoverished
chapters in the history of design.”

Jack Lenor Larson – Designer