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As furniture experts, we’re often called upon to craft ergonomic office spaces, whether they’re at home or at the corner of a big-city skyscraper. 

In fact, we see every workspace we lay eyes on as an opportunity to surround our clients with comfort while prioritizing good posture and our classic styling. Ultimately, these healthy work environments reflect our commitment to helping clients feel at home, a priority that often resonates for decades to come.

Now that you know a little more about our office design values, it will come as no surprise that Herman Miller’s Cosm chair has quickly become one of our favorite ergonomic staples. The Cosm chair’s sophisticated design makes for a highly personal experience: Sit down to work, and you’ll feel the chair instantly respond to your body, movement and posture. Using Auto-Harmonic Tilt, intercept suspension and a flexible frame, Berlin-based Studio 7.5 designers created an experience that can only be described as blissful weightlessness.

Not only does this responsiveness make for an ideal daily business partner, it’s sure to impress and ease clients and partners as they get to work in your space. They’ll think the Cosm chair was designed just for them – and trust us, in many ways, it was.