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It’s important to have a comfortable place to sit when a break in your action arrives. Inspired by the film industry’s trademark seat, Magis asked Philippe Starck and his team to design “the best director’s chair in the world.”

Magis Stanley

For three years, Mr. Starck and his team rethought and reworked the traditional folding director’s chair. There were a few key design objectives that had to be achieved: The chair needed to be sturdy, easy to clean and modern, all while maintaining its distinctive style. 

From their hard work emerged Stanley, a cutting edge yet minimalist chair made from glass reinforced polypropylene. The chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is currently being introduced at the Milan International Furniture Fair. 

The Magis Stanley Chair will arrive in the Jules Seltzer showroom this July.

Visit our Instagram page to see the chairs on display in Milan, and follow Jules Seltzer there for more behind the scenes looks at our favorite designers and manufacturers, along with healthy doses of design history and Californian inspiration.